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Landscaping Company

When owning a home, you may not feel like landscaping should be at the top of your to do list. The interior items may have higher priority since they have the most impact on you. But landscaping isn’t just mowing your lawn, cleaning up leaves in the fall, or planting flowers in the spring. Landscaping includes designing your space to meet your own needs and adding some visual appeal. Landscaping combines two different elements of hardscaping and softscaping. Hardscaping involves hard materials incorporated into your area, think of patios, decks, or walkways. Whereas softscaping is all your living items, i.e. trees, plants, bushes, grass.

Landscaping has great benefits, including increasing your home value, beautifying your space, the potential to decrease heating and cooling expenses and potential health benefits.

Are you considering a move? Your homes outside design can help separate your home from other competing properties by leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers. When a buyer pulls up, the landscaping will be the first thing they see, and they will be picturing themselves there. You want them to get a good vibe and feel like they could spend their days at your home. Your home’s landscape could be the unique factor that will help get you your sale and you get you a return on your investment. Even if you aren’t considering a move, creating and maintaining your homes outside design still has many benefits. It helps to set the tone for your home as soon as someone drives or walks by. A beautifully landscaped yard is eye-catching and viewing it is pleasant for neighbors and visitors alike.

A beautiful yard can also help your mental state. If your yard is covered in shrubs and leaves, it may leave you stressed, but coming home to a beautiful oasis that you’ve created for yourself can give you a feeling of peace and lightness as well as a sense of pride. In addition to mental satisfaction, greenery can help with other health factors including producing more oxygen, because grass is a natural air cleaner. You will want to spend more time in your outdoor area because of well-planned landscape. When you are working on a design take note of how you want to use the space, or what maintenance will be needed.

While working on a landscaping design, be sure to consider your monthly bills and how you currently use A/C or Heat. Is there an area of your home that gets a lot of sunlight or is more susceptible to wind? To combat this, you can plant trees in front of windows to cast shade instead of sunlight and therefore keep your room cool. In the winter, a wall of trees can be a great block for wind. These changes will help to reduce your monthly energy expense allowing you to use less air conditioning and heat. The trees can also provide some privacy and even create a noise barrier from neighbors and other outside noises – an added benefit for your home as well.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Landscaping Company

Professional landscaping adds curb appeal, helps create a positive first impression of your home, and can add to the value to your property. Because of its importance, more and more people are choosing to hire professional landscaping in TruCo services, Utah.

Time Savings

Most people have busy schedules even before adding the demands of lawn care and landscaping, so one of the biggest benefits of having professional lawn care is the amount of time it saves. Homeowners who want a nice yard have to devote significant blocks of time to taking care of their lawns. When you add the time it takes to mow, trim, edge, clean up clippings, fertilize, choose, buy and plant shrubs and flowers, and mulch landscaping beds, it’s easy to see how time-consuming lawn care and landscaping can be. Hiring TryCo landscaping service lets you enjoy weekends doing the things you want to do instead of spending precious hours doing yard work.

Financial Savings

Surprisingly, hiring a landscaping service can actually save money. Professional services charge a set fee per month to keep your property looking great, while those who choose to do it themselves have to purchase and maintain lawnmowers, tools, seed, fertilizer, mulch, pesticides, and other supplies. And there will still be times they have to hire someone to take care of things they can’t do.

Easy and Consistent

Established schedules and regular care ensures your yard will always look its best, even if you travel or spend part of the summer away from home. Many companies have a standard package that works well for most people, and most will let you customize an agreement. Services can include re-seeding, fertilizing, aeration, weed removal and flower dead heading, leaf clean-up, winterizing, and pruning shrubs and trees.

Professional Knowledge

Professional landscapers know what plants will thrive and look good in a given situation. They know how to deal with dry patches or poorly draining areas. They have the professional knowledge and expertise to address issues that arise unexpectedly.

Increase Property Value

Investing in professional lawn care services is highly crucial if you plan on selling your home at some point. A well-kept yard will boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. Don’t forget the front yard is the first thing potential buyers notice when they show up to inspect at your home.

What Type of Services Do Landscapers Provide?

We’ve used many different landscaping contractors in our yard over the years (some better than others). Their services ranged from lawn care and tree work to mowing and gardening, (plus a lot else in between). So what are the main types of services provided by landscapers?

Contractors providing landscaping services can help with both landscape installation and landscape maintenance tasks. These include landscape design, hardscape installation, mowing, and gardening, plus irrigation installation, pest control, car-washing, and snow clearance – to just name a few.

What is Included in Residential Landscaping Services?

Sometimes even dedicated gardeners need some assistance in maintaining their yards, and there’s plenty of help on offer from professional landscaping services. Different firms offer slightly different services, and some have specific specialties like irrigation; however, in general, these are the services that are on offer…

Lawn care includes mowing, edging, protection (against grubs, for example), and feeding. You may also be able to find a lawn renovation expert if your grass is in need of some extra care. It’s a real bonus not having to care for a mower or manage all the cuttings.

Bed maintenance involves weeding, tidying, dead-heading, and removing dead plants. A great way to ensure your property always looks tidy.

Pruning is another good way to keep your yard looking neat. This can include plants, trees, and hedging. Seasonal work can be a springtime and fall clear up, winterizing your garden, or even helping with the decoration. If you live in a colder zone, your garden team should also help with snow clearance. Irrigation services can range from designing and installing a system to maintaining and inspecting it. This can also include rainwater harvesting.

Landscape design can be anything from choosing the right plants for your yard to planning a major hardscaping project. Specialist garden designers can figure out issues such as drainage, or even help design outdoor structures such as pergolas. They should know your local climate like the back of their hands, and be able to devise the perfect planting scheme.

Landscape Installation

Some people simply need an expert team to help care for their garden, while others are looking for someone to help create that garden with them. Landscape installation services is the yard equivalent of architect, engineer, and construction workers.

This team will design and build your garden. Here’s what a landscape installation service can offer.

Landscape Design

This could be setting up a new flower bed and choosing the right plants for your hardiness zone. Or, maybe you need something more structural like a new path or a patio. Professional landscapers can help you get the garden you’ve been dreaming of, and should be able to help with any paperwork.

Virtual Garden Design (Online)

Everything can be done remotely these days, and the chances are your designer is using a CAD package anyway. You can also use a garden design package yourself if you’re confident that you have both the tech and yard skills yourself, and then share your design with the landscapers.

Hardscape Installation

There’s a lot more to your yard than lawns and beds, and hardscape installation is about the paths, patios, driveway, steps, and so on that add both practical function and aesthetic variation to your garden. From the front steps to a private basketball court (large yards only), there’s a huge range of hardscaping opportunities.

Irrigation Installation

Setting up a complete irrigation system for your garden or greenhouse isn’t easy, and it’s good to get some expert help. Landscapers can design, procure, install, commission, and maintain your new system, and can even work out a rainwater harvesting system for a more eco approach to watering.

Outbuilding Construction

Let’s be honest: putting up a shed is always harder than it looks. Your landscape team will arrive like something out of Witness, raise your shed or outbuilding, and then go again, job done. Depending on their skill set, landscaping teams can also be involved in larger yard construction projects.

Landscape Maintenance

Once your garden has been designed and created, it needs looking after. Even those of us who love spending time working in our yards need a little backup with some jobs. It could be that you love tending veg but don’t have much time for regular tasks like mowing. Or maybe you keep on top of your yard beautifully, but need assistance for that twice-yearly clean-up.

Lawn Mowing & Trimming

Regular mowing keeps your lawn looking great. A landscaper will do a beautiful job of those edges and awkward corners, while also clearing up after the job. If you have a regular contract, you may not even need to own a mower! Your maintenance team may even offer a lawn care service, too, involving feeding or refurbishment.

Tree & Shrub Planting

Planting larger items like trees and shrubs can be daunting, but a professional arborist can help you choose the right size plants for your plot, and give them the best start in life. The landscapers can also keep trees and shrubs tidy (not always an easy job to do without pro-level loppers and ladders).

Gardening & Weed Control

This is another regular task that’s good to delegate. General gardening duties can involve weeding, raking, hoeing, deadheading, pulling up dead plants, watering, feeding, composting, keeping the pavers free from weeds… Having a landscaper do this for you frees you up for other gardening jobs such as planting (and grilling…)


This is generally done twice a year. If you have a large garden, mulching all the beds, trees, and shrubs can be quite a big project. Your landscape contract may actually include a twice-yearly mulch as part of the general maintenance.

Outdoor Pest Control

This is a task you really want to hand over to the experts! This isn’t just because it’s unpleasant, but because the professionals will have the right kit for the job. They’ll know the safest ways to rid your yards of pests of all varieties. There may be “pest prevention” in your contract, which will include managing things like aphids.

Pesticide Application

From aphids to lawn shrimp, professional gardeners know the safest and most effective way to apply pesticides. There are two approaches: prevention and cure. You’ll need to speak with your chosen contractor about how they can mitigate against pest invasions, and how they can help if your yard gets a sudden infestation.

Yard Cleaning & Waste Disposal

Most of us generally have two big annual yard cleans: when we winterize our gardens, followed a few months later by the spring clean. As well as this, landscape services may offer regular outdoor cleaning alongside their mowing and weeding duties. As for disposal, well, getting rid of gardening debris for you is a big advantage of professional garden services.

Plant Washing

Some do, some don’t. It’s a bit of a step away from tending to plants, but it may come under “general outdoor cleaning”. If you’re willing to pay for extra services, it may be worth asking about this. If you have a more general “handyman” service to tidy up your yard, this could very well be a service they’ll offer.

Snow & Ice Clearance

If you have a regular gardening service, their winter tasks will involve clearing snow from driveways and paths, making sure that everyone can get out of the yard safely. They could also help you to keep on top of the snow to prevent it from weighing down gutters, garden buildings, trees and so on.

Getting a team in to help winterize the garden could also be a real benefit: you can relax, knowing the plants will be safe over the winter and that nothing is likely to get blown away…

Holiday Yard Decoration

Yes, some companies are happy to help with your holiday decorations. Landscapers that specialize in lighting may even be able to rig up something truly unique for your yard. At least, you can make the most of having an extra pair of hands and a ladder in your garden.

Holiday Watering

Do landscapers water the garden? They can do it if you’re away on vacation, but otherwise, unless they’re there every day, there’s not really any point in getting them to water your plants. However, if plants need weekly feeding, this could form part of a regular gardening contract.

If you’re going away, you could ask them to visit more regularly to keep on top of the watering. You could also ask for advice about irrigation systems, and some landscapers specialize in this service.

Professional Landscaping Can Be A Great Way To Relax And Enjoy Your Free Time

TruCo Services is a full-service landscaping and snow removal organization that can handle every aspect of your project needs.

Our teams of professional irrigation technicians, landscapers, licensed fertilizer applicators, certified arborists, and top-notch management staff deliver quality services that you'll be proud to showcase at your home or business.

Truco Services, Inc.

4640 Commerce Drive

Murray, Utah 84107

(801) 466-8044

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