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Landscaping Services Lehi Utah

While most people spend the majority of their time indoors, most of us are still undeniably drawn outside to soak in the sights and sounds of nature. There’s just something about the sunshine, green grass, pretty flowers, sweet fragrances, and animals that make the outdoors relaxing and rejuvenating.

Do you have a nice outdoor space to retreat to at your home or business? If not, it’s something worth consideration. In fact, a beautifully landscaped lawn can make a world of difference for your family or customers. It will boost curb appeal, improve a first impression, and generate positive feelings. Whether you’re looking to add some greenery, flower beds, bubbling water features, or other enhancements to your yard or commercial property, consider the range of benefits you can expect from adding diverse landscaping to your property.

Grass and Trees Provide Cooler Temperatures

· A simple grass lawn is cooler than asphalt, cement and even bare soil. With grass radiating cooler temperatures all around your home or business, you can actually lower your air-conditioning needs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra money to do something fun with your family this summer?

· And did you know that tall trees on the south and west sides of the building can provide shade during the hottest times of day and lower your attic temperatures by as much as 40 degrees? They also can reduce glare through the windows.

· How many of you know how hot it is to walk downtown on a hot summer day? Walking on the sidewalk or through a parking lot is like walking on hot coals during the heat of the day. The heat coming up from the grounds can make you feel miserably hot. Well guess what? Planting more grass and trees in these areas can help! The cooling effects of grass and shady trees lower the overall temperature of urban areas, making it more pleasant to be outside.

Landscapes are Good for the Air and Water

· Did you know that grass and trees are hard at work every day capturing dust and smoke particles, removing carbon dioxide, and producing life-giving oxygen? In fact, a single tree can remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air every year, canceling out the emissions of driving a car 11,000 miles. So, planting grass and trees is one simple way that all of us can help protect the environment!

· Another interesting fact supporting landscapes with trees is that one tree can also supply enough oxygen for four people every day. What a great reason to plant a tree!

· With the storm season in full swing, lush landscapes can actually help. They act as storm water runoff buffers, reducing the flow of sediments and pollutants to nearby bodies of water. In effect, plants help filter out pollution from the water on its way to a city’s source of drinking water. Woody plants along shorelines also reduce erosion and flooding downstream.

Xeriscaping Reduces the Use of Natural Resources

· Xeriscaping is a landscaping method that requires little or no irrigation.

· During the hot days of summer, many regions will have water restrictions. To avoid the impact of these restrictions on your landscaping, you may want to try xeriscaping. While xeriscaping offers many benefits, the most substantial is the chance to conserve water, which is especially important in dry climates. Since 30 percent of the water consumed in Utah is for outdoor use, the potential financial savings are substantial.

· Smaller grass lawns combined with more diverse ground coverings, trees and shrubs can also reduce fuel consumption and pollution generated by landscaping equipment, such as lawn mowers and trimmers. Xeriscaping helps reduces noise pollution from operating this equipment, too.

Outdoor Living Areas Improve Quality of Life

Landscaping improves quality of life in cities with several physical and psychological benefits. For example, just looking at plants is shown to reduce blood pressure. Walking through a natural environment, even in the middle of a city, improves attention and memory. People living in neighborhoods with community green spaces report lower stress levels and lower healthcare costs.

Landscapes Offer Economic Benefits

· Did you know that businesses that have high-quality landscapes tend to be more successful? It’s true! Customers claim to spend more money on goods and services if the commercial building has a high-quality tree canopy; and shoppers say they’re willing to travel longer distances to shop in a district with better landscaping. They also say they stay longer once they arrive if the landscaping is peaceful.

· As a homeowner, you are looking for ways to gain the best benefit for your investment. When you landscape your yard, you can rest assured that your investment will increase your home’s market value. Home buyers are usually willing to spend more on a house if it has professional landscaping, both front and back.

Water Features Make Landscaping One-of-a-Kind

· Aesthetically pleasing water features placed in your landscape can add unique texture, natural sounds, and new wildlife to your property. Finding the perfect backdrop for any outdoor living area can help turn a boring landscape into one the neighbors or community will remember.

· Water features also require very little maintenance and don’t consume a lot of water thanks to circulating pumps.

Retaining Walls Prevent Erosion

· If your property is located on a hill, a retaining wall prevents elevated soil from sliding toward the building when it rains. The barrier is practical, but it can also add to the appearance of your landscaping.

· Retaining walls can create tiered pathways, spots for additional seating or a creative garden area. In some cases, a retaining wall may provide privacy too.

· Many different materials are available for retaining walls, offering design flexibility for your property. The experts at The Grounds Guys can offer numerous suggestions that will be sure to meet your needs.

As cities continue to grow, the need for community green spaces and personal backyard oases will keep expanding as well. In fact, landscaping is vital for a healthy body and mind. When you choose to add creative landscapes, you are even helping the environment and boosting your bottom line if the landscape design is implemented correctly.

Disadvantages of DIY Landscaping

An attractive and functional outdoor space is absolutely essential to every home. The space and ability to spend time outside have positive effects on health and happiness—not to mention the positive effects it has on property value and curb appeal! With so many benefits to a serene landscape, it may cross your mind to do it yourself. Before you embark on this difficult DIY journey, discover the disadvantages of DIY landscaping.

Plant Knowledge Gaps

Even garden connoisseurs may struggle with picking plants that not only thrive in their location and environment but also compliment the style and appearance of their home. Plant selection is crucial to a landscape design. It’s hard to identify and care for plants in the exact right manner to allow them to flourish. It’s also important to have a vast knowledge of native plants, invasive species, and more to choose the right plants and the best location for them to reside. There are so many options for plants that the research can be overwhelming. A professional local landscape developer will have this vast knowledge and be better able to inform the plants that would not only thrive but also look amazing on your property.

Time Investment

Planning out a landscape design may be a fun activity. It’s exciting to pick where your garden will be and what plants will line your patio, but it’s also a huge time commitment. Whether you’re starting from a blank slate or completely redoing the existing landscape design, it can take years for DIYers to complete an outdoor landscape renovation. It takes time for a team of landscaping professionals to complete projects, so imagine how long it will take one or two committed DIYers. This means a long period without being able to enjoy your outdoor space as you work through the growing pains of planting.

The Trouble of Fixing Mistakes

A beginning landscape designer is bound to make mistakes. These mistakes can range from planting a non-native plant garden that dies shortly after planting to biting off more than they can chew and needing an entire redo of the outdoor space. Landscape design—especially larger projects—are more difficult than many anticipate. This is particularly true if the DIYers don’t have much (or any) landscaping experience.

Value Advantages

In preparing homes for sale in the staging process, professionals recommend sprucing up the existing landscape conditions with at least minor cosmetic touches. Sloping the grade away from your foundation will help prevent any long-term water damage. Improving your property will help the image of the neighborhood as well as increase your home's assessed value and resale value.

Health Advantages

Studies show that offices retain more employees and people recover more quickly in hospitals when there is quality landscaping. Other advantages to landscaping are more subjective. The psychological benefit of walking through a beautiful, well-kept garden is difficult to quantify. Some people enjoy gardening and landscaping as a hobby, for exercise or simply as an excuse for taking in some fresh air.

Time Disadvantages

Putting all the responsibility for landscaping in the hands of a professional landscape designer can save time. But, on the other hand, the professional design and installation process can be a big undertaking and may require a long period of time to complete. An elaborate, classical style of landscape design will ultimately require a lot of maintenance and time. Before committing, ask "Who will do the maintenance and how much time will it take?"

Cost Disadvantages

When a house is built in a wooded area, the least expensive route is to leave the surroundings and yard in a natural condition without a lawn. Opting for a new lawn can be seen as a plus for some. But for the next people who come to live in a house, it may be considered an unnecessary cost and maintenance headache.

Environmental Considerations

Planting trees, shrubs and wild grasses are generally advantageous for the environment. Some landscaping, however, can be detrimental to the environment. Excess water runoff and the use of strong chemicals are avoided by designers of green landscaping, also known as sustainable landscaping. Roof gardens, underground houses and deciduous trees for strategic summer shade are all considered environmentally helpful practices

Types of Landscaping Services For Customers

Maintaining a landscape is a high-priority task for landscapers. Understanding different types of landscaping services will help you offer a professional landscape program to your customers. You can deliver your services based on customer requirements, either individually or in packages. Make sure you craft enticing offers in your landscaping service packages to attract customers.

But before you move on to the types of services and deliver the same to your customers, you must prepare your company for a professional outlook. Nowadays, customers flock towards professional landscaping services rather than settling down with anything subpar. Precisely because, no one wants to risk their bread and butter just to save on some pennies.

Listed below are a few steps that you must follow to give a better impression:

· Create a logo of your landscaping service company. This will help build trust and authority in the industry.

· Keep your landscaping tools clean, sharp, and shining.

· Invest in electronic landscaping tools that get the work done faster and efficiently.

· Keep checking on the performance of your landscaping tools to ensure that you do not run out of an able tool when you need it the most.

· Display your logo and service packages; you may even want to advertise them.

With this let us move ahead with the list of landscaping services that you can offer your customers and make great profits.

1. In-depth lawn bed maintenance

Bed maintenance refers to the ground cover maintenance of your land. It includes tasks such as shifting twigs, stray leaves, and branches. It also involves removing debris, trimming, weeding and pruning the ground cover, and eliminating weed. The maintenance service is an indispensable one and it is mostly sought by lawn owners.

2. Spring or fall maintenance

This step is also known as bed edging. It is a detailed cleaning service of the ground. Grass dividing, perennial trimming, and mulch raking are a few edging services. No one likes to see all the cluttered heaps of spring-fall on the ground. Hence, such deep cleaning processes are required by the customers at least twice a year, giving you a great window to serve and earn.

3. Pruning

Pruning simply refers to the process of chopping off dead and decayed leaves from the plants. Pruning or trimming is a momentous service that needs to be performed during the correct time of the year depending upon the type of plant. This allows the plans to bloom by eliminating dried and strayed parts. As a professional, you must make sure that you have methodical pruning tools that provide leveled pruning for specific species of plants.

4. Hedging

Hedging refers to trimming down a plant in a geometrical shape. This gives an appealing look to the yard of the landscape owner. Make sure you have developed well-organized skills of hedging as a professional landscaper and you own an equally efficient set of landscaping tools for the same. In fact, there are plant species that cannot be hedged without professionals. You can leverage this and include this as a star service in your service packages.

5. Lawn protect and feed

The lawn protect and feed service refers to the protective measures taken against some plant diseases such as brown patches, grubs, and fungal growths. These are time taking services that take 6 to 7 steps for completion and have to be performed during the ideal month of the year. Mainly, the turf gets impacted by weather changes, and hence lawn owners seek such kinds of services for the lawn’s maintenance. If you live in a super humid environment, you may even develop some other skilled services that help to curb moisture around the plants.

6. Start-up and shut-down irrigation system

The next important landscaping service is winterized irrigation startup and shutdown. Most people begin their irrigation service in the spring months but doing it in an unprofessional way can result in freezing and expanding of water during the cold months, bringing damage to the plants. The damage is a costly affair and it costs more than the management of a professional irrigation system. You may offer monthly as well as yearly professional irrigation start-up and shut down services but make sure your staff excels at it.

7. Seasonal display

The seasonal display is a service that adds up to the charm of the landscapes. It includes seasonal blooming flowers and even fall maintenance. The greenery and lighting are worth watching during festive occasions. Customers might approach you for such beautifying services, all you need is to have a perfect set of tools and skills for the same.

8. Mulching

Mulching is not just for a pleasant view, it has some pragmatic benefits of water retention among the plants via root insulation and weed control. The service will be required by the customers, once or twice a year depending upon the type of plant.

9. Leaf removal

While some customers limit their leaf removal service to once a year, some even go for four services. To clean the leaf buildup is an important service though a customizable one. You can have a detailed discussion over a cup of tea with your client upon the service quality and the frequency. Some clients can even go for seasonal cleaning sessions i.e., up to 7 times a year, so that their lawns remain clean and pleasant to look at.

10. Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing includes the spring-trimming, hedging, and blow-off of stubborn surfaces. The service also depends on the contract that you are offering because not all landscaping services are going to deliver everything. You can ask for the priorities of the client and deliver personalized or customized packages of landscaping services.

TruCo Services is a full-service landscaping and snow removal organization that can handle every aspect of your project needs. Our teams of professional irrigation technicians, landscapers, licensed fertilizer applicators, certified arborists, and top-notch management staff deliver quality services that you'll be proud to showcase at your home or business.

Truco Services, Inc.

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