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Lawn Mowing Repair Near Me

When you own a beautiful yard some kind of lawn mowing equipment is necessary. Since it is such a necessity you should also be well informed on some of the necessary maintenance skills. A solid ability to maintain it is a must. When you are maintaining any type of lawn equipment, you will understand the benefit of knowing some of the do-it-yourself lawn mower repair tricks. This can not only save you money, but also save you some major frustration of not knowing what to do when the engine goes crazy. Yes, these skills will most likely not be acquired overnight. It may take years of experience to learn all the tricks to keep the mower running properly.

But guess what! You are lucky enough for finding this page right now as this is where you will find some important tips on do-it-yourself lawn mower repair!

A mower that won't start at all is most likely needing a new spark plug. What can you do to solve this? It is relatively simple, just replace the plug with a new one. You should be able to purchase one at a nearby electrical store. Just check the model number to make sure you purchase the correct one. The store should have a qualified employee that can offer their assistance.

When a mower continue to cough and sputter the problem is usually one of two things. It is either a problem with the air filter or the fuel. If the problem lies with the air filter, it is a simple solution. Just replace it with a new one. It the fuel is the problem make sure that there is enough fuel in the tank to make it run properly.

The best do-it-yourself lawn mower repair when you are faced with a mower that keeps dying after starting it is to check to see if it has fuel in it. If it does have enough, the problem could be that the engine has become flooded. Turn the fuel off, and then restart the engine. Do this several times and make sure to start it on the correct setting. Also remember this tidbit: do not use old gas! Discard any old gas and replace with fresh fuel.

It does not matter what type of problem you are having with your lawn mowing equipment, always remember to remove the spark plug before trying to fix anything. Keep these tips in mind as they may be able to save you some time and money. It is certainly essential to inform yourself with these do-it-yourself lawn mower repair tips!

As a home owner you'll find that a lawn mower will be one of those assets that you'll need to look into, unless you have the money to have someone else worry about taking care of your lawn. When it comes to purchasing a lawn mower, there are many options that you can choose from. This includes everything from the classic push mower to a zero turn riding mower and even some robotic mowers. Picking out the right one may be daunting, and hoping that it lasts more than one season before having to replace it can be highly stressful.

These tips will help you maintain your lawn tractor so that you can maintain your yard for years to come. With older lawn mowers, it can be fairly easy to fix and maintain it to make it last, but with the newer lawn mowers it can be very stressful as technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds. Thankfully, every lawn mower you purchase new comes with an owner's manual that has all the information you might need to help you keep your mower running in top condition for as long as you own it.

In the owner's manual you'll find a section of maintenance that you should read over carefully. This section will tell you all the things you need to know about such things as replacing sparkplugs, changing oil, tire pressure, and a host of other things that are vital to keeping your mower running. It will also have a section about winter maintenance for storing your mower during those months when you won't be using it. Following these instructions will have you mowing your yard for years to come and with very little effort on your part. When it comes to repairing broken parts, you'll first have to locate the part that has broken. Blades, belts, and chains are the most common parts that wear out on lawn tractors. You must make sure that you purchase the right size for the model of lawn mower you own. If the belt, for instance, is too long or too short you mower won't be able to operate correctly.

When ordering your parts you'll need the mowers model number and possible the serial number as well. These can be found on the mower, usually under the seat or on the engine block. These numbers will help you in making sure the parts fit correctly.

Good Reasons To Hire a Lawn Care Pro to Mow Your Yard

Lawn mowing is not easy. The blistering sun, biting insects, clouds of dirt and dust and lawn mower fumes can make you want to run inside and hide. Yes, mowing and trimming a yard is a big pain for a variety of reasons, all of them legitimate; but there really is a better way. You can make the pain go completely away by hiring a lawn care pro, and all for a surprisingly reasonable price. If you have never considered hiring a professional company to mow your grass, you might want to reconsider. Here are good reasons to think about it:

· It's not as expensive as you might think. Mowing companies and landscapers in general are very competitive on price. A reputable company will offer a fair bid and work hard to keep your lawn care costs low. Shop around and look for a company that will beat competitor's prices with the same high level of service.

· Consistent and reliable day of service. Barring inclement weather, your service pros will generally arrive on a specific day to mow the grass. For example, lawn mowing in southwest Florida is usually once a week in summer months and every two weeks in cooler months.

· Your yard always looks neat and trim. With regularly scheduled mowing, you never wonder how your lawn looks to others. You know it looks good.

· Expertise to save you money. A professional lawn care company provides experienced knowledge of plants and vegetation including drought conditions, over-watering, weeds, insect infestations and more. They can deliver landscaping products such as sod, trees, palms, flowers, shrubs, mulch, herbicides and fertilizer, and pass the savings on to you.

· Professional lawn mowing is so quick! A team of professionals can service yards swiftly and efficiently. They make quick work of overgrown grass and foliage. Mowing, trimming and leaf blowing are neat and tidy before you know it.

· No lawn mower start-up or repair. The best mowing companies have all the right equipment to do the job right. You can put your mower away and never have to touch it again.

· The best reason of all: You deserve it. When you consider the modest cost, as well as the quality of service you can expect, hiring a lawn service makes good sense. No sweat, no strain, no pain. Leave the heavy work to the professionals, and you go relax inside with a cold drink.

How To Deal With Common Lawn Mowing Problems

In order to make lawns appealing, it is imperative to accomplish lawn tasks regularly. However, some homeowners do not have enough time to do such tasks due to their work and obligations. In addition, some homeowners do not have sufficient knowledge in dealing with lawn problems. Because of this, some homeowners make mistakes in maintaining lawns such as lawn mowing. As a result, turf can be unsightly or perhaps cause infection and worse; Death. Fortunately, there are now ways on how to deal with lawn issues. For instance, when planning to get rid of mowing issues, you need to know its cause and how to fix it. Below are some of the following.


Streaking is caused when thin strips of uncut grass are left behind the mower. This issue is commonly experienced due to operator error or poor blade maintenance. To avoid this issue, it is imperative that homeowners sharpen or replace their blades. Apart from that, homeowners also need to make sure to use the mower in full throttle and reduce speed if ground speed is too fast. Plus, you also need to clean your mower regularly.

Stepped Cutting

The next mowing issue homeowners may experience is stepped cutting. This issue can be identified due to sharp ridges left in the lawn surface. And, this issue is caused by mower deck damage, mower blade, or maladjustments. To prevent this, homeowners are advised to level the deck correctly. In case there are any issues with the deck, it is best to repair or replace the deck immediately.

Uneven Cutting

Uneven cutting is also another common mowing problem. This issue can be notice due to wavy or smooth troughs in the lawn surface. Fortunately, this can be prevented by repairing or replacing the spindle or perhaps reinstalling the blades correctly.


Scalping usually occurs when the mower deck comes close to or hits the ground. Another cause of scalping is due to unevenness of the lawn. Homeowners can get rid of this issue by levelling the lawn as well as raising cutting height.


Finally, some homeowners may also notice stingers. Stingers are patches of uncut grass left behind the mower. This is cause by dull blades and even operator error. To avoid this, blades must be sharpened or replaced. Other than that, mowers must be cleaned properly. Knowing all these will help homeowners mow their lawns properly without experiencing any issues that can affect the looks of their properties.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower for Your Lawn

For most of the country, lawn-mowing season is upon us, leaving many homeowners with the age-old question, "which type of lawn mower is best for my yard?" This question comes about because there are so many different types of yards and so many different types of mowers.

Manual Reel Lawn Mowers

Manual reel mowers are great for very small lawns that are flat and relatively smooth. If you have a small, flat lawn this could be the best type of mower for you. Reel mowers are lightweight because they do not have an engine, there are few moving parts so they last a long time without the need for many repairs, and they are quiet. Along with that, reel mowers do a good job of cutting grass, although they have a tendency to miss tall weeds. The main drawback for a reel mower is that you must walk at a quick pace in order to realize the best cutting performance.

Battery Powered Electric Lawn Mowers

Again, this is a good choice for those with small flat lawns, although they can be used for a larger lawn than a reel mower. The benefit of this type of lawn mower is that they are quiet, they are durable, and they do a good job cutting the grass no matter how fast you walk. There are several key drawbacks if you choose a battery powered lawn mower. First, as the battery loses its charge the cutting ability of the mower will deteriorate causing multiple recharges if your lawn is too large to do on one charge. Next, rechargeable batteries only last for a certain amount of time, replacing them can be expensive, nearly as much as purchasing a new mower. Lastly, they do not work well if your grass is thick or your yard is rough.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric mowers are the big brother of battery-operated mowers. These types of mowers can be used on any lawn up to about three-quarters of an acre if you have enough extension cord. Modern electric mowers are very powerful and very efficient and they are quiet. They do not require much service or repair so they make a great choice for small, flat yards, although they can do large lawns. The drawback of this type of mower is the fact that they have to be connected to electricity via extension cords, which you must drag with you as you mow.

Gasoline Powered Walk- Behind Lawn Mowers

This category of mowers has the most different types of mowers in the class, making the choice of a mower more difficult. All of these mowers share the fact that they are powered by a gasoline engine which will require more maintenance than the mowers we have discussed to this point. They are also heavier and louder than the above-mentioned mowers. Gasoline powered mowers can be used on lawns up to 1 acre in size, with any type of grass, and no matter how rough your lawn. The only thing that stops this type of mower from doing any size lawn is how much walking you are willing to do. For lawns that are one acre or larger you should look into a self-propelled mower. You will also need to choose between a two-cycle or four-cycle engine. Four-cycle engines run on regular gasoline, two-cycle engines require that you mix special oil with the gasoline. Four-cycle engines are easier to use, but two-cycle motors are typically quieter and more durable.

Riding Lawn Mowers

There are nearly as many types of riding mowers as there are walk-behind mowers. They come in classifications of lawn mowers (the smallest type), garden tractors (very large with many options), and zero turn lawn mowers. If your lawn is more than an acre in size, you should consider purchasing a riding mower. This type of mower will save you a great deal of time and effort when mowing large lawns. If you have many trees, or other obstacles in your yard to maneuver around you should consider a zero-turn type of riding mower. Only people with very large lawns and that do a lot of gardening and other heavy outdoor yard work would need to consider purchasing a garden tractor sized riding mower.

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